Golf Handicap Course to achieve your first Handicap quickly in Marbella and Switzerland. Handicap Improvement Course to achieve better Handicap. Driver Distance Training Course to increase Driving Distance. Learn to play golf or improve your golf with a course.

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Traditional way of courses-steps vs new method

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Golf Handicap Course to obtain your first Handicap quickly in Marbella and Switzerland.

A lot of people want to achieve their Handicap Certification as soon as possible to be able to play on the Course. But before the Handicap we should obtain the Small Course Permit Zertification. (Platzerlaubnis).

With 6 lessons we will be able to obtain the Small Course Permit.

With 10 lessons we will be able to obtain the Handicap to be able to play in big courses. (Platzreife).

Don’t hesitate, and call us now to start planning your lessons to obtain your handicap quickly.


Driver Distance Training Course to increase your Driving Distance

Can you imagine hitting 30 metres longer drives, and over driving your golfing friends?

That will be possible with this course.

In just 6 lessons your will learn the most important tips and tricks to increase and maximize your driving distance.


Season Preparation Course

In 6-10 lessons you can be prepared to play again after a long break as the winter pause in the countries of the north of Europe.


Handicap Improvement Course

If you are looking to be a better player with a better handicap, then this course is for you.

In 10 lessons we will learn the most important factors to achieve a better score. Then we will make an official round so you get a better handicap.


Traditional Steps To Follow

As a total beginner, following the traditional steps will be as follows. Our first goal should be to obtain the small course permit. During these first lessons we will learn the basic technique and the basic rules for playing on the small par 3 courses.

 After we have achieved the small course permit, then we will learn all the different shots needed to play on large golf courses, the rules and etiquette needed to behave correctly. This permit is called Platzreife (PR) in German speaking countries.

After the PR we have to reach a certain level of playing ability to achieve our first handicap which will be around 45. After this we will have to improve it until handicap 36. With handicap 36 we can play on about 90% of the golf courses around the world. 

Following the traditional method we will need around 34-38 lessons, but if we combine this with a Home Training Course, then only 20-25 lessons will be needed.

For players who already have less than handicap 36, their goal should be to be as well as prepared as possible to enjoy a good level of play during the season and try to improve their handicap even more. For this we recommend a Preseason Preparation of 20 lessons, so we can start the new season in the best possible way.

 On the first lesson we will find your current level. After knowing it, we will set a realistic and challenging goal.

That’s why if you have done the home training lessons, we will start on a much advanced position needing much less in person lessons to achieve our goals.


Here we answer the most common questions about our golf academy.

The main steps will be achieving your course permit for small courses, then course permit for bigger courses, then getting a handicap of 45, then handicap of 36 and then better than 36 so we can play in all the courses around the world.

If we start one month before with a home training program as the one we have in our academy, then for most of the people with a good attitude is totally attainable.

As passed students that have become professional players, we can prepare you to play under par. For players with experience, we recommend a 20-lesson package to prepare a very successful season.

That’s exactly one of our most important advantages. As we are member of Swiss PGA and Spanish PGA, our Certificates our totally validated in all these countries and worldwide. Most academies can only give one or the other, limiting our playing possibilities.

The lessons can be offered in German, English and Spanish.

We will be during the cold months of the north or Europe (November-April) in Marbella and in the summer-spring months (April-October) we will be in Switzerland.

Yes, we will always be available for lessons in the Deutschschweiz, (Zürich, Zug und Luzern) which means the German Speaking region of Switzerland in the summer-spring months.


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