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Welcome to the ultimate golfing paradise. I’m James, your Golf Coach for an extraordinary golfing experience in Marbella and Switzerland. Now we can learn and improve our golf where the sun shines all year around. 

Welcome to Marbella Swiss Golf Academy: Golf Training and Coaching all year around.

Welcome to the ultimate golfing paradise, where the sun shines all year round. I’m James, your passport to an extraordinary golfing experience in Marbella and Switzerland.

I play golf since I was 5 years old and has always been my absolute passion. I enjoy both playing and helping other players reach their whole potential. Now I accumulate 20 years experience both as professional player and golf instructor. Living abroad gave me the opportunity to learn English and German. Thats why lessons are available in these languages in addition to Spanish.

As a Swiss PGA professional, I am your exclusive golf coach that will help you obtain the Swiss handicap platzreife, a certification that’s not just valid in Switzerland but also for golfers in Germany, Austria and Spain. No need to endure the cold winters of Northern Europe; join me in this sunny haven for a golfing journey like no other.

You also have the opportunity to continue your golf trip with me during the summer months in Switzerland.

And this is exactly one of the reasons students from our academy are making so huge progress, as now we can avoid the winter pause or winter brake. As we offer the possibility of having golf lessons and training with the same golf coach all year around.

Every lesson will be infused with humour, charm, and a playful spirit and as you start to know me better you will see that that is actually part of my personality. As a Jack Nicklaus instructor and a proud member of both the Spanish and Swiss PGA, I have put together the best of Spanish, Swiss, and USA golfing instruction to create a unique program that will help you achieve incredible progress in your golfing game at the same time that you enjoy the learning experience.

Working in Switzerland in some of the best golf clubs as a golf instructor gave me the chance to met a lot of famous people from business, sports, actors and celebrities across all industries.That’s why I’m also known to be the golf instructor for a lot of famous people and celebrities. Some of the reasons that led us to this was our discretion as we found always spots where we could train away from crowds. Another important factor is my 24/7 availability during holidays, weekdays, weekends, mornings and afternoons

Understanding the busy schedules of my clients that have limited free time and with the necessity to do short term changes is one of the things they value most. As I always keep a very positive attitude even if we need to do a lot of adaptations.

Also I am used to deal with personal assistants and keeping real names hided in our system for maximum discretion even from other workers from the golf club.Since I started my career in Switzerland I understood that a lot of people where eager to play good golf, but they had always in mind the time factor because of their full schedules. Since they realise that it was possible to train with me every day of the week and at anytime of the day this helped a lot to commit and make possible to become great golf players at the same time that they continue with their busy life.

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Join me and let’s turn the fairway into your playground, crafting golfing memories that are as warm and vibrant as the Spanish sun. Your golfing greatness begins here, so take action now! Reserve now your Golf lesson, Golf Training Course or Golf Coaching in Marbella or Switzerland  and embark on an unforgettable golfing journey in this sun paradise.”

Write me to start planning now your lessons!

James Ros

Swiss PGA and Spanish PGA

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