Golf Lessons in Marbella and Switzerland

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Hi I am James, your golf instructor. Start right now planning your lessons to improve your golf skills in Marbella and Switzerland.

James Ros

Swiss PGA and Spanish PGA

Courses and steps

Achieve Your Best Golf in Marbella and Switzerland!

Some students want to enjoy the experience of playing and learning Golf at their pace. Others want to achieve their first Handicap, a better Handicap quickly or an Official Platzreife Certification. While others want to hit longer Drives to achieve 30 meters more distance. That’s why the philosophy in our Golf Academy is to do a personalized lessons program for every student, instead of trying to put everyone in a standard course as most academies do making people lose precious time. On our first call we can start to evaluate and analyze with the Golf Coach where we stand and from there set a realistic and personalized goal so we have very efficient lessons, with the best coaching tips and tricks to keep us super motivated through our  Golf training course. If we mix the on person lessons with our Golf Instructor and we continue doing home training lessons you can expect to improve your Golf as never before. Start today by calling our Golf Academy and start planning your lessons with our Golf Teaching Pro.

Golf Handicap Course: For Quick Handicap & Platzreife in one week

If we combine a Golf Training Course in our Academy with some home training, we will be able to achieve the Handicap in one week. Platzreife in German speaking counries.

Driver Distance Training Course: To increase Driving Distance (+30m)

One of the goals a lot of weekend players have is increasing and maximizing their driver distance. We will also enjoy much more this beautiful sport. And we can always include this in your personalized course.

Golf lessons in Marbella and Switzerland

Lessons Packages

Each Package of lessons will be totally customised to our students.

In our Golf Academy we are very goal oriented and our Golf Instructor loves to see our students achieve their goals quickly. In order to make a further step in your game, we recommend 6 to 10 lessons. All of these Training and Coaching lessons will be totally oriented and customized to your goal. During each individual lesson we will learn more in detail specific strokes like:  Driver, irons, short game, bunker shots, chipping, putting…and/or also lessons on the course to learn Course Management Strategies, the Rules, the Etiquette.. All with one of our top Golf Professional Instructors in one of the most beautiful golf courses and practice facilities in Marbella and Switzerland.

Some examples would be:

Handicap Course: 10 lessons. Improve your Handicap Course: 10 lessons. Driver Distance Training Course: 6 lessons.

Also Single Golf Training Lessons and Group Coaching Lessons availabe.

Golf Lessons in the Academy and Playing on the Course.

Each lesson from the Package is totally adapted to our goal. Lessons can be in the practice area as on the course. We offer the lessons in English, German or Spanish

Participants: Individual and Group Golf Lessons

We recommend 1 to 3 persons so we keep the highest quality. Our moto "we are not a golfer’s factory"


Opinions of our students
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l've just seen the videos from our training again and I can't help to thank you for your great job. You're an outstanding trainer, passionate, dedicated and you are an exception compared to others cause YOU (are not only „talking" about the swing)... YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE BALL. YOU CAN! My appreciation and respect Have a great evening
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Hola Jaime! Just a very huge thank you for todays' lesson! My brain is a little dry now, but the lesson was huge fun and extremely helpful. Thnx a lot! Ciao
Sophia & Helga
Sophia & Helga
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Vielen Dank James Du bist der beste Pro, so viel können wir von deinen Tipps lernen.


Here we answer the most common questions about our golf academy.

The main steps will be achieving your course permit for small courses, then course permit for bigger courses, then getting a handicap of 45, then handicap of 36 and then better than 36 so we can play in all the courses around the world.

If we start one month before with a home training program as the one we have in our academy, then for most of the people with a good attitude is totally attainable.

As passed students that have become professional players, we can prepare you to play under par. For players with experience, we recommend a 10-lesson package to prepare a very successful season.

That’s exactly one of our most important advantages. As we are member of Swiss PGA and Spanish PGA, our Certificates our totally validated in all these countries and worldwide. Most academies can only give one or the other, limiting our playing possibilities.

The lessons can be offered in German, English and Spanish.

We will be during the cold months of the north or Europe (November-April) in Marbella and in the summer-spring months (April-October) we will be in Switzerland.

Yes, we will always be available for lessons in the Deutschschweiz, (Zürich, Zug und Luzern) which means the German Speaking region of Switzerland in the summer-spring months.


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